Time to Shed Some Light on GMOs

Questions about GMOs? This video may help to shed some light on answers!

Bioproducts and Ohio

Ohio is a leading producer of soybeans and polymers which means thousands of job opportunities! Learn about the production of bioproducts and the many related career paths.

Molecular Biology and Research

Are you interested in science, research, development or all of the above? Learn about various areas of study and career paths that are available through The Ohio State University's OARDC.

Entrepreneurship and Bioproducts

The many uses of soy have led to not only hundreds of jobs, but also companies. Join Cathy Horton and learn more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the importance of always reinventing.

Food Science

Jamie Hannen, from T.Marzetti, talks food science and explains the details that go into creating soy-based salad dressings. Check out all the career opportunities that are available within food science, technology, research and development and many more!

Precision Agriculture

Interested in science and technology? Check out this video with Matt Liskai the President/Co-Owner of Green Field Ag as he talks about his career in precision agriculture.


Do you currently use bioproducts in your home? Find out why choosing to use bioproducts is a good choice for your health, the environment and your community.

Feeding a Growing Population

In 20 years the world's appetite will double and Ohio soybean farmers and working to ensure these people are fed. Take a look into the life of a soybean farmer and what it takes to provide safe and healthy food for a growing population.

Sustaining Life. Respecting Nature

Ohio soybean farmers are actively sustaining life while respecting nature through responsible farming practices. How many Ohio soybean farmers do you know? Check out this video to learn more about Ohio and modern agriculture.

More About Ohio Soybeans

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Media Info

If you have additional questions, or if you would like to schedule an interview with a staff member and/or farmer leader, please contact:

Jennifer Coleman

Communications Director
Ohio Soybean Council
(614) 476-3100


In The News

OSC Launches New Website to Grow our Next Generation

WORTHINGTON, Ohio – Ohio soybean farmers understand that today’s youth is the future of the soybean industry and all of agriculture.  For this reason, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff have launched a new website to provide educators with a wide array of relevant classroom materials and direct access to industry partners.  

The site was specifically developed to bring real-world situations into the classroom focused on chemistry, biology, biotechnology, environmental science and agriscience.

“For almost two decades, OSC has been investing in the development of curriculum and educational materials focused on the science of soybeans, as well as cultivating strong education networks of teachers throughout Ohio,” said John Motter, OSC chairman and soybean farmer from Hancock County.  “Through the development of this new, interactive website, Ohio soybean farmers have created a centralized location where all of these and future materials can be accessed.”

In addition to relevant curriculum materials related to soybean production and agriculture, the site also houses:

  • Career videos
  • Interactive e-learning courses
  • Background information
  • Networking and sharing abilities

“When we began this process, we spoke with teachers about what information and resources were out there to educate students about soybeans, agriculture and the many careers that are available in these fields. Unfortunately, many of those resources needed updating to reflect the realities of farming and food production today,” said David Black, OSC Domestic Marketing Committee Chair and soybean farmer from Franklin County.  “Ohio teachers may be the first people to talk with students about agriculture and how science is such a big part of what farming and food is all about.  We want to offer them the best resources we can.”

Log onto www.grownextgen.org to access the materials and resources that are helping to connect teachers and their students to Ohio soybeans and agriculture.