Soybeans and Agriculture In Your Daily Life

Whether you grew up on a farm or live in the city or suburbs, Ohio soybeans and all of Ohio agriculture play a key part in your life every day.

Soybeans are used as food for people, feed for animals, and a valuable ingredient to make environmentally friendly products such as biodiesel, foams, plastics and paints–just to name a few.

Agriculture improves your quality of life by providing a variety of safe, healthy, nutritious foods. Americans spend just 9.5 percent of our disposable income on food, which is less than consumers in any other country.

Some of the lesser known ways in which agriculture affects everyone is creation of jobs and providing tax support for schools. In Ohio, one in seven jobs is provided by agriculture. Property and income taxes from farmers help to improve local schools and other services. School districts throughout Ohio are using biodiesel made from soybean oil to drive children to and from school every day.

Trent Profit from northwest Ohio takes great pride in being a farmer and producing crops that affect so many lives.

“It’s rewarding to see all of your hard work come to fruition and the positive affects it has on people.  To think that our products are making a difference in the lives of others, at home and overseas, is very gratifying,” commented Trent.

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