The Economic Footprint Of Ohio and U.S. Soybeans

In addition to feeding families across the country and the world, soybeans feed local economies by creating jobs, contributing to public services through tax revenue and bringing value to the U.S. economy.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that agriculture and food is the top contributor to Ohio’s economy, generating approximately $98 billion annually. Of the state’s total principle crop value, 51 percent comes from soybeans. In addition to the property and income taxes from Ohio farmers that feed local economies, agricultural trade is a shining star in the U.S. economy as well. Soybean and soy product exports alone exceeded $21.5 billion last year.

Approximately 21 million American jobs are rooted in U.S. agriculture, which is more than five times as many workers as the U.S. automotive manufacturing, sales and service sectors combined. According to the USDA, agricultural exports alone generate 920,000 full-time jobs, 608,000 of those in the non-farming sector. The meat and poultry industry generate an astounding $864.2 billion annually for the U.S. economy and 27.3 million short tons (54.6 million pounds) of U.S. soybean meal was used to feed that livestock.

With all of these facts present, it’s hard to ignore the far-reaching effect that agriculture and soybean production has on the U.S. and communities around the world. This means it’s more crucial now than ever before that we help protect, nurture and advance agriculture and soybean production while preparing for future generations and an ever-growing population.

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