Doing Right By Our Families and Communities

Ohio’s soybean farmers are active members in their communities, and they care about the local economy and the food that they provide. Farmers shop at the same grocery stores, set the dinner table with the same foods and get involved with the same community activities as non-farmers do. In fact, many farmers (57 percent) also work non-farming jobs while taking care of their farms. The main difference between farmers and the rest of the population is that a large part of their livelihoods involve living on, working with and loving the land.

The vast majority (95 percent) of farms in the United States are family-owned and operated, in many cases for multiple generations. In order to support their families today and pass on productive farmland to future generations, farmers must take good care of their animals and environment. To do that, they voluntarily implement best farming practices and new technologies that grow healthier crops and reduce farming’s impact on the environment by using the latest in conservation practices to protect the soil and keep the air and water clean.

Terry McClure, a farmer from northwest Ohio, works hard to implement best farming practices and to maintain the land for many years to come.

“We sustain life in this country–in the world really–on a thin sliver of productive topsoil.  Protecting that soil for the future is so important.  There’s too much value not to utilize the land and care for it the best ways we can.”

Learn more about Terry and other Ohio soybean farmers here.

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