Farmers Are Professionals in Their Field

Just like professionals in any field, soybean farmers are good at what they do, and they are always seeking to improve. Whether it’s researching better farming techniques, creating and implementing new technologies, or applying more sustainable practices, farmers constantly seek to do better for their families, their communities and their customers.

Conservation tillage is a good example. This is a farming practice that keeps the ground covered with organic matter during the winter and helps maintain soil structure. It prevents wind and water from carrying the topsoil into waterways, and has resulted in successfully reducing the amount of soil that erodes from farm fields by more than one billion tons every year.

Advancements in soil testing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) operation of machinery and nutrient application have enabled farmers to pinpoint the exact treatments needed for their fields so they can apply fertilizer and crop protection resources on an as-needed basis.

There have been extensive advancements in animal care as well. Livestock are now kept in climate-controlled facilities and fed a balanced, nutritious diet to ensure proper health and comfort.

Thanks to the research and advancements over the last few decades, farmers have the ability to increase food production, implement new technologies and conservation practices and care for the land and animals more responsibly and efficiently than ever before.

Dan Corcoran, a fourth generation farmer knows there is always more to learn in farming.

“It’s not just about how hard you work; it’s about how smart you work.  Knowledge gained it what helps us progress in agriculture.  Like anything else, I think there are always things to improve.”

Learn more about Dan’s farm and other Ohio soybean farmers here.

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