Responsible Farmers Respect Responsible Regulation

Farming is regulated by local, state and federal government agencies through statutes on zoning, water quality, air quality, food safety and more. Ohio soybean farmers recognize the importance of these regulations, and want to comply with and address the issues and concerns that are important to the state and local communities.

As in any profession, there have been a few “bad apples” in the farming community who choose to disregard best farming practices, mistreat their land and animals or do not comply with existing regulations. However, these people are in the extreme minority and deserve to be held accountable for their actions. The overwhelming majority of Ohio’s farmers strive to implement responsible, ethical farming practices to protect people, animals and the environment while producing safe, nutritious foods for everyone.

To be truly effective, regulations should be founded on common sense, science-based solutions. They should also be consistent, without overlap or contradiction, in order to prevent further complications or costs. Ohio farmers want to work with government agencies and the public to identify the best approach and solution to each issue, both through voluntary practices and regulation where necessary.

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