Is Biotechnology Safe?

Biotechnology is a safe and efficient way to improve food nutrition, increase the amount of food that can be grown on the same amount of land and sustain natural resources. It’s understandable that people become wary when the words science and technology are used in relation to food. However, farmers have been creating plant hybrids for as long as they’ve been growing plants. Biotechnology simply serves as a more technologically advanced method. It is also important to note that the FDA and EPA examine every plant improved through the use of biotechnology for potential health risks. Furthermore, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that current foods containing biotech ingredients have never been shown to have a negative effect on human health.

When making the decision to grow GMO crops (which stands for genetically modified organism), John Motter, a soybean farmer from northwest Ohio, considered several things, safety being the most important.

“Putting traits in the genetics that keep bugs off cuts down on treatments.  That’s better for the environment and the public.”

Learn more about John and his farming practices here.

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