Keeping Your Food Safe

Ohio farmers and their families are consumers as well, which means you can rest assured that they are dedicated to growing healthy, safe food for consumers to enjoy. Farmers are very careful to work with plants’ natural growth cycles when applying fertilizer to offer further nutrients or when crop protection products are necessary to prevent disease and fight off invasive weeds and pests to keep crops healthy. The same goes for treating livestock, with prompt veterinary care and antibiotics being applied only when needed for the health and well-being of the animals – and always at prescribed and safe levels.

Once the crops and livestock are ready, they go to grain elevators and food processing plants where they are prepared for grocery stores, markets and restaurants. These facilities have strict quality control standards, testing processes and stringent food handling procedures that help make the United States’ food safety system the most sophisticated in the world.

While Ohio farmers, and farmers across the country, believe it’s important for you to be vigilant and stay informed about the food you eat, they also take pride in providing you with healthy, safe food options while always working to improve their products and practices.

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