Your Food Comes From Our Farmers–Large and Small

We’ve come a long way since the days of Old MacDonald and his menagerie of barnyard animals. And yet, we understand that many people are curious about the process of agriculture and how their food makes it from farm to fork. We appreciate that and are glad to help out, because we understand that for many consumers, farming remains a complete mystery.

The fact is, 95 percent of U.S. farms are family farms – owned and operated by educated men and women with families just like yours. They too are concerned about maintaining the health of the land, animals and water in order to provide a bright future for generations to come. Not only do their livelihoods depend on it, but their families do as well.

Kristin Reese and her family work on a smaller scale farm south of Columbus, Ohio, but she is quick to point out that no matter the size of the farming operation, every farmer has the consumers’ best interests in mind.

“People involved in agriculture farm because they love it.  We all have a real connection with what we’re growing.  We want to provide a product that is safe, affordable and healthy.  What we grow, whether on farms large or small, we know we are feeding our own families and other families too.”

Want to know more about Kristen and her farm?  Click here.

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